Skiing and winter sports

Winter is a time of the year that is associated with winter holidays and winter sports. When white fluff is falling outside the window and when frost bites our ears, it is an opportunity to go skiing, sledding, or snowboarding. Wisła is a perfect place for amateurs of winter madness with a number of ski lifts and cross-country trails of various levels of advancement. For lovers of winter fun, the Skolnity Ski Station, located in the very center of the Vistula, offers a 4-person cable car, 2 ski runs of varying difficulty (1,100 meters and 980 meters) and a lift for children (70 meters). The routes are led with curves through the forest, which makes the ride varied. Among the sound of the mountain stream, Crystal Mountain invites you to take advantage of the offer of winter sleigh rides in the Biała Wisełka Valley. This is a great way to spend time with the whole family.

Czantoria Cable Railway

It is one of the most modern railways in the Polish part of the Beskids. Within 8 minutes, it takes tourists from Ustroń to an altitude of 855 m above sea level - to Polana Stokłosica. From here you can admire beautiful views of the panorama of the Silesian Beskids, the distant Tatra Mountains, and even the Sudetes, take advantage of the summertime alpine slide, relax on the largest mountain beach in Poland with deckchairs, go to the observation tower at the top of Czantoria or go hiking - e.g. along the Main Beskid Mountain Trail. In winter, skiers and snowboarders have excellent ski slopes at their disposal.


Cycling routes

Wisła is a great place for cycling. Everyone will find something for themselves. There are recreational cycling routes abundant in beautiful views, such as the city-mountain “Wisła Cycling Route", along which you can visit the most characteristic spots in the entire Wisła. In addition, an option for families with children and cycling enthusiasts, i.e. the city-forest trail "There and back again DOBKA", and enduro paths with a total length of over 8 km in the Skolnity Bike Park. Numerous curves with boards, a typical flow trail, downhill tracks with a 7% slope with road gap jumps, all this is great fun for more ambitious cyclists who expect additional sports emotions, guaranteeing adrenaline and great fun. 

You do not have to worry about equipment, as Crystal Mountain Hotel offers bicycle rental, both recreational, mountain and electric.  

Adam Małysz Ski jumping hill

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wisła. Adam Małysz Ski jumping hill is the most recognizable sports facility in Wisła. Guests visiting the Beskids willingly use a chairlift available to them, visit observation tower and cafe, from which you can watch the inrun and bar of the ski jumping hill, and with a bit of luck, watch the training of not only Polish jumpers. Since its inauguration in 2008, the Adam Małysz Ski jumping hill in Wisła Malinka has already hosted competitions of the Summer and Winter Grand Prix, Continental Cup, Polish Championships, and many others.

Valley of Biała Wisełka

This is one of the most beautiful places in Wisła, perfect for family walks, even with little children and prams, because of asphalt road that leads through the picturesque valley with a gentle slope. Car traffic ban along the entire valley means that you can enjoy peace, wild nature, and clean air. Valley of Biała Wisełka is beautiful at any time of the year. In winter, an additional attraction are sleigh rides pulled by draft horses, usually ending with a bonfire and a highlander feast. 

Blue trail leads through the valley to Barania Góra - a popular tourist destination, however walk through the valley often ends at the picturesque waterfalls called the Rodła Cascades.



Czerniańskie Lake

Czerniańskie Lake is a very picturesquely situated artificial water reservoir, created at the junction of Biała Wisełka and Czarna Wisełka in Wisła Czarne, in the heart of the Silesian Beskids. At Lake Czerniańskie, there is one of several stops of the popular Wisła road train (Pol. “Wiślańska Ciuchcia”) which takes tourists around the most interesting parts of Wisła. In the vicinity of the lake there is also a huge waterfall on the Vistula River, an open-air ethnographic museum of the Wisła village and Castle of the President of the Republic of Poland. Crest of the dam is a wonderful walking place, often used by tourists. Silence and beauty of this corner are a real magnet. It is worth going for a long walk here to admire nature.


Forest Park of Surprises

In the vast area of the park, in the bosom of nature with its own rhythm, you can admire, feed and pet wild animals. Everyone will be delighted with the strong stance of European bison, red deer and sika deer, gentleness of roe deer and pleasant nature of fallow deer and mouflons. Who would not like to come closer and touch these noble animals. Undoubtedly, the biggest attractions of the park are the falconry and the owlery, where, at scheduled times, qualified falconers present birds of prey and owls during their flights. The park provides education and recreation. One of the paths is equipped with educational and demonstrative boards in the field of fauna and flora.


Base Camp Ropes Course

The Istebna Base Camp ropes course stretches in a quiet forest valley by the rushing stream. It provides fantastic fun in safe conditions. Everyone, small and large, can have fun on the obstacles of the ropes course. It is not only a movement game, but also a time to gain new experiences under the supervision of experienced instructors. Base Camp offers 5 routes for children and adults with varying difficulty. 53 obstacles and over 500 m of routes to overcome.  Among other things, a total of 350 m of zip-lines await you.


"Dream Park Ochaby"

It is an amusement and education park that guarantees great fun for the whole family. Dream Park is the first amusement park of this type in Poland, which combines two parks in one place - Miniature Park and Dinosaur Park. One of the most interesting attractions is certainly the first Prehistoric Oceanarium in Europe, which allows you to get to know the ancient world of underwater creatures. In the interest of well-being of all visitors, the park has prepared a lot of attractions. Certainly, everyone will find something for themselves.


Koniaków Handmade Lace Centre

Those of you who would like to learn a bit about the history of the Koniaków crocheting, profiles of the first lace makers and buy unique souvenirs and masterpieces, are invited to the place of cultivating and promoting over a hundred years of lace tradition in Koniaków. At the Koniaków Handmade Lace Centre, you will learn about the specifics of crocheting, which is not used anywhere else in the world, and in 2017 it was entered on the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. You can also sign up for Koniaków lace workshops, organized for both adults and children.