Regardless of the weather and mood, whether you are looking for a bit of relaxation, sport or just fun, Blue Lagoon Aquapark is always a good solution for the whole family, because here everyone can find something special for themselves.

In Blue Lagoon Aquapark it is worth to check out not only the Black Pool swimming pool, but also let yourself be carried away by the current of the Rapid River, immerse yourself in a jacuzzi or relax in a SPA. Kids can go to paddling pools, Yellow Submarine, or unusual slides. For adults, the hotel offers ritual, dry, infrared and steam saunas. On the outdoor observation deck, you can take a dip in an endless pool or sunbathe on a deckchair while admiring wonderful views of the mountains.

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On the outdoor observation deck you can take a dip in the pool or sunbathe on a sun lounger while admiring the wonderful views of the mountains. On cooler days or evenings, swimming can be just as enjoyable as the water in the Infinity Pool is heated.

The world of water frenzy in the Blue Lagoon Aquapark is full of attractions for the youngest Guests of our hotel. For a great adventure, visit a stranded yellow submarine equipped with water guns. In the main paddling pool for children, you will also find a water mushroom and a hedgehog, and for slide lovers, we have two 20 cm and 50 cm deep ones that fall into the paddling pool. Additionally, you can use many toys and various items to make your time in the pool more pleasant. There will also be an attraction referring to the mountain climate, namely a mini climbing rock. Our lifeguards take care of safety of all small and large participants of water frenzy, so parents can be calm and enjoy attractions prepared for them in the pool for adults. In addition, chlorine-free water disinfection gives it a crystalline appearance like from a sea bath, and thanks to hydrogen peroxide, the water is oxygenated and devoid of unpleasant smell characteristic for chlorine.

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Black Pool sports pool provides friendly and comfortable conditions for active athletes who want to improve their shape, take care of their body, and even break their own records. It is a perfect place for both intermediate and advanced swimmers. At 24 meters of length and 6 meters of width, you will find the maximum joy of swimming. Black Pool sports and recreational pool is available for people over 16 years of age.

An unquestionable attraction of the Blue Lagoon Aquapark is Pool Bar located by the pool, where you and your children can have small snacks, satisfy your hunger and thirst, and as a result the water fun will never end. You will surely feel like a light meal or a refreshing drink, and children craving delicacies will be able to enjoy delicious ice cream or mini snacks.

At Crystal Mountain, you can afford luxurious relaxation in its best form. In a private space, intended for Guests over 16 years of age, we offer 7 saunas. For people who train, an infrared sauna that warms up the muscles will be ideal, as well as for people struggling with sick sinuses or vascular problems. Visit to a steam sauna is a good way to strengthen your body, heart, and immunity. It is also a good idea to cleanse your body of toxins and improve metabolism. For exceptional impressions, please visit our dry ritual sauna with shows led by Sauna Masters. Lounge area overlooking a beautiful view and equipped with sun loungers is a place where you can soothe your nerves and relax after a unique session in the sauna. We would also like to invite you to 3 outdoor jacuzzis, which can increase vitality, have a positive effect on blood circulation, and also relax and soothe nervous tension.

The use of Blue Lagoon Aquapark for our Guests is free-of-charge and unlimited. Due to their comfort, we do not accept Guests from outside.

Blue Lagoon Aquapark is open daily:

  • Black Pool (for person over 16 years old) from 08.00 to 21.00
  • Blue Lagoon Aquapark from 09.00 to 21.00
  • Sauna area (for person over 16 years old) from 09.00 to 21.00
  • RĘCZNIKI - Każdorazowo przy wejściu otrzymują Państwo jeden ręcznik na czas pobytu w Aquaparku Blue Lagoon. W przypadku chęci otrzymania większej liczby ręczników, prosimy o zgłoszenie tego faktu w Recepcji basenowej. Opłata za dodatkowy ręcznik wynosi 10 zł.
  • SZLAFROK - Szlafroki znajdują się na wyposażeniu każdego pokoju i mogą go Państwo zabrać do strefy wodnej. W przypadku chęci otrzymania dodatkowego szlafroka, prosimy o kontakt z Recepcją basenową. Opłata za dodatkowy szlafrok wynosi 30 zł.
  • STREFA SAUN - Strefa saun dostępna jest dla osób powyżej 16 roku życia.